Philips Foldable Hair Dryer (1000W) HP8108/03

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Philips Foldable Hair Dryer (1000W) HP8108/03 Dijual oleh kedai asal, prestij dan kualiti asal dijamin dengan jaminan wang kembali 7 hari, jaminan minimum 30 hari 1376 suara di tangan, Philips Foldable Hair Dryer (1000W) HP8108/03 dijual online 2264 produk selari 1293 mewah. Pada masa ini, produk ini tidak mempunyai harga borong apabila membeli dalam kuantiti yang besar. Pada masa ini produk ini dijual pada Selangor jadi ia akan menjadi kelebihan untuk anda di kawasan ini kerana barang-barang akan tiba lebih cepat dan kos penghantaran bahkan bebas.
Easily dry and style your hair
• 1000W

1000W power for gentle drying
This Philips DryCare 1000W hairdryer creates the optimal level of airflow and gentle drying for beautiful results everyday.

2 flexible speed settings for gentle drying
This hairdryer offers 2 pre-selected speed/heat combinations to make it quick and easy to achieve the perfect style.

Foldable handle for easy storage
This hairdryer has foldable handle, making it easy to pack, store and take with you anywhere you go.

Narrow concentrator for focused airflow
The concentrator focuses airflow through the opening to specific areas. This results in better touch-ups or more precise styling to finish your look.

Compact design for easy handling
Compact and ergonomic, this hairdryer benefits from a clever modern design. This results in a dryer that is light and easy to handle yet small enough to store virtually anywhere.

2 years of worldwide guarantee.

Cool air setting for extra gentle drying
The cool air setting allows you to dry your hair at a more caring temperature, perfect for gentle drying and minimizing damage during the hot summer seasons.

1.5 meter cord for maximum flexibility.

Specification highlights
• Wattage - 1000 W
• Cord length - 1.5 m

Technical specifications
Wattage - 1000 W
Voltage - 220-240 V
Cord length - 1.5 m
Motor - DC motor

Settings -2 Speed settings
Foldable handle
Nozzle / Concentrator
Compact design

• Service
2-year guarantee

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