FOCALLURE Blush Powder Natural Blusher Makeup - 11 Colors

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FOCALLURE Blush Powder Natural Blusher Makeup - 11 Colors Dijual oleh kedai asal, prestij dan kualiti asal dijamin dengan jaminan wang kembali 7 hari, jaminan minimum 30 hari 9639 suara di tangan, FOCALLURE Blush Powder Natural Blusher Makeup - 11 Colors dijual online 20737 produk selari 5978 mewah. Pada masa ini, produk ini tidak mempunyai harga borong apabila membeli dalam kuantiti yang besar. Pada masa ini produk ini dijual pada Overseas jadi ia akan menjadi kelebihan untuk anda di kawasan ini kerana barang-barang akan tiba lebih cepat dan kos penghantaran bahkan bebas.
Pink and bright,release your good looking skin tone
Silky texture, light and soft, not afraid to put too heavy, drive away the big round face
Choose the style you want, your nude makeup feeling originated from it

Hot selling codes:
B02 : It is more delicate than light color, more charming than red, and it stems from the deep pursuit of beauty in the heart
B05 : The rose is most of girls favorite, because it is the symbol of the charm and nobility.
B08 : When I was young, I fell in love with the pink Barbie doll. When I grow up, you are your own pink princess.

Natural and soft, lasting and colorful

1. Natural makeup feeling, easy to color, refreshing and breathable
2. Easily create a small V face, soft color, three-dimensional modification, easy to repeat to brush lightly
3. Tight skin, not easy to fly powder, fine powder, bright and light, sweep out the charming red skin

Choose from the goddess to realize your elegant, generous and beautiful dreams

Product Name: Focallure Single Baked Blush
Name: Single baked blush
Whether it is a special-purpose cosmetic: No
Specification Type: Normal Specifications
Origin:made in China
Efficacy: Modify the contour to enhance the color
Month: March
Time to market: 2016
Shelf life: 3 years
Suitable for skin type: any skin type


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