ESSENSO MicroGround BLACK Coffee MANDHELING Blend (2 Boxes)

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ESSENSO MicroGround BLACK Coffee MANDHELING Blend (2 Boxes) Dijual oleh kedai asal, prestij dan kualiti asal dijamin dengan jaminan wang kembali 7 hari, jaminan minimum 30 hari 539 suara di tangan, ESSENSO MicroGround BLACK Coffee MANDHELING Blend (2 Boxes) dijual online 1216 produk selari 217 mewah. Pada masa ini, produk ini tidak mempunyai harga borong apabila membeli dalam kuantiti yang besar. Pada masa ini produk ini dijual pada Selangor jadi ia akan menjadi kelebihan untuk anda di kawasan ini kerana barang-barang akan tiba lebih cepat dan kos penghantaran bahkan bebas.
ESSENSO MicroGround Black Coffee is the most current addition to the ESSENSO line of microground coffee. After the successful launch of ESSENSO Micro Ground Coffee 3 in 1 and 2 in 1 back in 2015, this new family is the platinum class of instant black coffee. Each pack provides a delightful cup with an intense fragrance, robust coffee richness and a smooth mouthfeel.
Using finely ground single-origin coffee beans and instant coffee powder, ESSENSO MicroGround Black Coffee is produced using 100% Arabica coffee beans, a premium bean variety renowned for its fragrant and flavorful profile. Utilising Super’s exclusive MicroPlus technique to carefully ground these beans at low speed, in an oxygen-free and ultra-low temperature environment, ESSENSO has the ability to much better protect the natural essence of the coffee beans.
This mid-December, ESSENSO MicroGround Black Coffee is readily available in two variants, the Colombian and Mandheling blends. Now, coffee fans can now savour the splendid coffee taste from the distinguished areas of Colombia and Sumatran Mandheling. For coffee drinkers who prefer their cup of coffee with a full body and light-roast palate, Colombian Blend from this ESSENSO black coffee series will be the ideal cup. For those who like their coffee of a darker roast with a smoky taste buds, Mandheling Blend is the best option.

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